Covert Hypnosis – 3 Conversational Mistakes to Avoid

When learning covert hypnosis, you have to focus on mastering the different techniques for building rapport, getting the subject into a state of trance and making suggestions.

However, covert hypnosis goes behind the scenes, if I can put it that way. Your subject will not know that you are hypnotizing him, so you have to be extra careful to keep him into the state that you want.

This is not particularly easy, since you will be having a conversation with the person. The conversation can go in any direction and you might easily break the connection with the subjects, unless you learn how to avoid some simple, but crucial conversational mistakes.

Never be impolite.

I will not be wrong if I say that it is much easier to turn a person against you than to make him like you. For this reason, you should always be extremely polite to your subject, even if the person is someone you know well.

This is a fundamental step towards becoming friendly and building rapport. Be patient as well. This will also help you keep a polite tone, when performing covert hypnosis.

Never be too direct.

It is true that the key to covert hypnosis is making direct commands, subliminal suggestions, to the subject. However, you have to wrap them up in a nice packaging.

I’ll illustrate my point with an example. Instead of saying to a prospect customer, “Buy this product”, you can readily use the line, “Buy this product to enjoy (its benefits)”. The line is much more influential and it sounds more natural, so the subject will not go out of trance.

Never beg.

You can readily go into this extreme, if you see that your hypnotic methods are not giving result. In general, you have to remove the word “please” from your dictionary. Avoid having a whining tone. Do not make sad and begging faces.

You have learned how to avoid major mistakes in covert hypnosis. Learn more on this type of hypnotism with my article Covert Hypnosis  - 4 Tips for Successfully Hypnotizing Anyone.

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