Learn to Hypnotize – The Art of Being Natural

The most important thing you need to focus on, when you learn to hypnotize, is mastering the different hypnotic techniques.

However, learning the techniques is not the same as applying them. If you have ready my articles on covert hypnosis, you know that you have to use different methods, words and gestures in different situations.

Simply put, if you want to learn to hypnotize effectively, you have to be able to use the different techniques naturally. Your task is to mold them to the person you want to put under your control and to the situation.

More importantly, you have to make the conversation and the situation seem casual or, if I may put it that way, normal.

A lot of people are asking me whether you have to have a talent to learn to hypnotize and do it effectively. The short answer is “no”. You don’t have to have some sort of talent.

Despite this, you really have to work hard to hypnotize people naturally. As a start, I would recommend using ready hypnotic scripts as little as possible. You might want to try them in the beginning, but to act naturally you have to come up with individual solutions for every situation.

Being relaxed and confident will help you as well.

One of the major mistakes I’ve seen newbie practitioners make is trying to push the subject into hypnosis too hard. One way to avoid this mistake is to learn to hypnotize calmly and with great concentration. Think of hypnotization as a fun game that you enjoy playing.

Keep in mind that acting naturally will come with practice and time, so don’t despair if you fail one or two times in the beginning.

If you learn to hypnotize naturally, this will certainly make you a master practitioner. The important thing is to keep learning. Continue by reading my article Learn to Hypnotize – The 4 Main Steps.

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