Learn Hypnotism – Finding Out the Values of the Subject

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Getting genuine interest in people and in your subject, in particular, is a good starting point. In order to learn hypnotism and to practice it effectively, you have to build rapport and then reach the subconscious mind of the subject.

It is relatively easy to get to know the subject to an extent which allows you to connect to him. You simply have to notice his gestures, actions and words. However, in order to reach his subconscious mind, you have to be able to find out or literally extract his values.

When a hypnotist attempts to influence the subconscious mind, he is using the imagination of the subject. You have to make the subject imagine something pleasant related to the action you want him to do.

The problem is that what might be satisfactory for one might be completely unsatisfactory for another person. That is why you have to learn to extract and understand the values of your subject, as you learn hypnotism.

The simplest way to find out a person’s values is to ask. In many cases, you can use the most basic of questions, “Why”. You can readily ask the person why he wants or does not want something or to do something. You will find out how easy this is, when you learn hypnotism.

In some cases, however, you have to deal with people that you do not know or have a business relationship with. In this case, you have to use more subtle language forms.

You can readily use questions, such as “What is so important to you about (something)?” You can also make speculations, such as “Is (your speculation) your priority?” If you are right the subject will confirm. If not, he will share his actual values.

You have just learned a valuable lesion that is useful, if you want to learn hypnotism fully. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Hypnotism-Learn Hypnotism to Get What You Want.

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