Hypnosis – The Use of Anchoring

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There are various hypnosis tools that you can use to get a person into a state of trance and make a subliminal command. Anchoring is one of the most effective methods you can learn and master.

What is anchoring all about?

This term stands for creating a stimulus in the person’s mind. This stimulus triggers emotions, sensations and thoughts. These will automatically open the subject’s subconscious mind to you.

More importantly, if you choose the right stimulus (anchor) for hypnosis, you will be able to use it effectively to make the desired suggestion, when the person falls into a state of trance.

This might sound a little too obscure, so I will illustrate my point with an example.

If you see a picture of an alarm clock that shows it is ringing, what are your associations? You are probably thinking of how you get out of bed in the morning and washing your teeth in the bathroom. At the same time, you feel a sense of urgency that something has to be done quickly.

In this example, the alarm clock is the anchor. It has triggered an entire picture in your mind. More importantly, it has triggered an emotion in you. You are alarmed.

For a moment, you have gone to a completely different place and experienced a specific sensation. Simply put, you have opened your subconscious mind.

You have to do the same on the subject, when you apply hypnosis to make him do what you want. The key to success is to create an actual anchor using words and metaphors and describing situations.

You have just learned about another effective technique you can use in hypnosis. Keep learning more with my article Hypnosis- The Oldest Form of Influence.

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