Hypnotize – Using Memories for Induction

hypnotism 150x150 Hypnotize   Using Memories for Induction

Simply put, you have to have a number of tricks up your sleeve, so that you can use the correct one in literally every social situation. The more techniques you learn and master the better.

A lot of people have shared that sometimes the traditional method for reaching the subconscious mind cannot work. For instance, when the person is nervous or uncomfortable, it is hard to just tell him to imagine something.

What I am trying to point out is that even if you manage to build rapport, this does not mean that you can get the person into a state of trance automatically.

One of the alternatives I recommend is reaching for the person’s memory. This technique works even if you are trying to hypnotize a stranger.

In order to apply this tactic to hypnotize people, you simply need to switch “imagine” with “Can you remember (something)?” With this question you are automatically unlocking the subconscious mind, even if you have never met the person.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say that you are trying to make a girl go out with you. You can simply ask her, “Can you remember the time when you were a little girl and you went to the fair?”

This automatically brings happy memories. She can imagine how she had cotton candy or how she went on the rides. You can then readily ask here how fun the experience was and how happy she felt. She will actually experience the positive emotion again.

In order to hypnotize the girl after doing this, you simply have to associate the feeling of happiness with your date and with yourself.

You have just learned one more technique with which you can hypnotize. Keep learning to become even better in hypnosis with my article Hypnotize – The Myths and Realities About Conversational Hypnosis.

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