Conversational Hypnosis – 3 Helpful Tips

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You have to be confident. You have to have mastered all techniques perfectly. It is equally important to get as much advice as possible.

I have come up with another set of helpful tips for succeeding in conversational hypnosis that will definitely be of use.

Listen to what the other person has to say.

Your task as a hypnotist is to take control over the conversation, but this doesn’t involve preventing the person you are trying to hypnotize from speaking. Quite the opposite, you should not let anything bother his critical mind.

That is why you need to let the subject speak and use what he is telling you to build rapport, get him into trance and make your embedded commands. It is easy to reframe a question or a thought and push the conversation into the desired direction.

Adopt the subject’s language.

This is crucial for building rapport. You might have noticed that if you speak with someone for a long time every day, you naturally start adopting his phrases.

You have to do the same here, but you have to do it much more quickly. Just notice any particular phrase and slip it in your speech as well. Just make it look natural.

Use powerful words in combination for getting the subject into trance.

In conversational hypnosis, reaching the subconscious mind is perhaps the most difficult task. For this reason, it might not be enough to just begin your sentences with “imagine”.

I recommend using a number of phrases that will influence the mind in a similar way. You can readily add “what if”, “see yourself”, “find yourself” and “if you were to”. You can readily slip these into your hypnotic pattern as well.

You have just learned something new about practicing conversational hypnosis. Now is the best time to learn even more with my article Conversational Hypnosis-Commanding Other People Through Conversation.

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