Black Ops Hypnosis – How to Use Embedded Commands

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How do you do this? You slip embedded commands into the sentences you are using. An embedded command can be anything. You can have the person do you a favor or buy something form you, if you are a salesperson.

The embedded commands in black ops hypnosis are short and straight forward. You just need to use a verb appropriately. “Feel relaxed” and “Buy this product” are some of the most common examples of hypnotic suggestions.

Your task is to embed them in a sentence. The sentence has to be based on pacing and leading. Basically, you have to trigger the person into doing what you want them to.

There are different ways, in which you can apply pacing and leading, depending on the situation. I’ll give you an example, based on the command “Feel relaxed”.

You have to prepare the subject first by making him imagine a setting, in which he feels relaxed.

For instance, you can readily say, “Imagine you are lying on a green meadow with birds humming around you. You don’t have worrying thoughts in your head. Your body feels light and now you can feel relaxed completely.

You can readily use other techniques for pacing in black ops hypnosis, such as verifiable facts. The point is that you should focus on preparing the subject for the subliminal command.

The tone of voice is extremely important, when making the suggestion. In general, you have to speak slowly and without emotion in your voice. When you are saying the command, you have to lower your voice and say it flatly.

You have just learned how to use embedded commands in black ops hypnosis. This is basic, so it is essential for you to expand your knowledge further. Start with my article Black Ops Hypnosis-Discover The Sneakiest Way To Get What You Want From People.

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