How to Hypnotize Someone – 3 Simple Psychological Tips

hypnotize small 150x150 How to Hypnotize Someone   3 Simple Psychological Tips

You want to know how to hypnotize someone. There are a lot of techniques that you need to master to accomplish this.

With time and the right training, you will learn all the methods you need and master them effectively. However, the good hypnotist does not only apply the techniques he has learned.

If you want to learn how to hypnotize someone effectively, you have to focus on your mental state during the time of induction. This is important, if you want to influence a person fully.

I have come up with some basic tips that will help you get the right mindset to put anyone under your spell.

Be relaxed.

If you are uptight, you will certainly start making mistakes, when you apply the different hypnotic techniques.

Just think that you have nothing to lose. Think how much fun hypnosis can be. Do not fear failure. If you do all this, you will certainly get relaxed.

Be patient.

Do not rush to conversation. You have to be able to manage the conversation and point it in the direction you want, but this does not mean that this has to be done in seconds.

Listen to what the other person has to say. Pace and lead slowly. Get back to where you started as many times as you need to.

Be or at least seem sympathetic.

This is essential for building rapport. If you want to learn how to hypnotize someone effectively, you have to be able to get under his skin.

When you are sympathetic, the person will connect to you subconsciously. This will open his subconscious mind for your influence.

Make sure your sympathy is understood. Express it with words as well as with gestures.

You have just learned one more thing on how to hypnotize someone. Keep expanding your knowledge. Start with my article How to Hypnotize Someone – An Overview of the Process.

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