Hypnotize Anyone To Do What You Want

People constantly ask me if you can really hypnotize a person to do whatever you want. My answer is well YES and NO. Sorry to be so contradictory but that’s the reality of it. Let me explain…

It really depends on how strong willed a person is. Let’s say you want to get someone to go out and commit murder for you. If this person was strong willed and was totally against murder then you would be hard pressed to get them to do this for you. However…

Charles Manson was able to get people to commit murder for him and he did it using hypnotic techniques. I’m not going to go into details here but suffice it to say he accomplished this.

Now most of those people were quite suggestible and were most certainly not strong willed except for their undying devotion to Manson himself. So Manson, through hypnotic techniques bent the will of these people and at the same time strengthened their will in their devotion to him.

Hypntize people

So you see he not only used hypnotic techniques to get people to commit murder for him he used the same techniques to get them to stand by him.

In that case these people were hypnotized to do what Manson wanted by both killing for him and protecting him.

Now I’m not proposing you go out and become like Charles Manson. I’m simply suggesting that you can hypnotize people to do what you want and as long as you’re ethical you should certainly learn how to do that.

Of you’d like to learn more about how to hypnotize people to get them to do what you want click the link below

How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone

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