Black Ops Hypnosis – Creating the Right Mind Set in the Subject

Despite its somewhat mystical name, black ops hypnosis is just a scientific psychological method for influencing people. This means that you can learn to do everything right, without having special powers.

When you want to hypnotize a person using this method, you have to influence his mind. Before you do this, you need to make sure that the person is ready for influencing. To say it otherwise, you have to create the right mind set in the person you will be influencing.

There are various black ops hypnosis techniques which you can use for creating the right mind set. One of the simplest is to make an assumption. Basically, you have to pass a level of the critical mind using an appropriate line.

For instance, a salesperson might not get the desired results, when asking, “Are you interested in this product?” The prospect customer might just say, “No”, and this blocks the way for using black ops hypnosis on him.

However, if the salesperson asks, “What can make you interested in this product”, he will have overcome the level at which the prospect may be interested or not. He has engaged the mind of the prospect in thinking about the benefits of the product that he can possibly get.

Pattern interrupts are also useful for creating the right mind set in a person. These are especially practical, when the subject is preoccupied with a certain thought or thoughts.

I will use the above example to show you an effective pattern interrupt for creating the right mind set. If the prospect customer seems to be uninterested and even says it, you can readily laugh at him and say, “It is foolish not to be interested.”

This will certainly make his objections disappear like magic. More importantly, you will be able to apply your influence techniques more effectively.

You have just learned a lot about applying black ops hypnosis. Keep learning with my article Black Ops Hypnosis-Discover The Sneakiest Way To Get What You Want From People.

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