How to Hypnotize Someone – 3 Practical Tips for Success

You have to put in a lot of dedication and effort in order to lean how to hypnotize someone. You should also use as much advice as you can possibly get. Use the following tips to become more influential.

Be relaxed and do not fear failure.

When you are uptight the subject will sense this. In turn, his critical mind will be more engaged in you rather than on the action you want the person to do. In turn, it will be more difficult for you to reach the subconscious mind. So, stay calm and do not worry about the outcome.

Choose your words carefully, but quickly.

This is a bit difficult, but you will get to do it with more practice. If you want to learn how to hypnotize someone successfully, you have to learn to find the best words.

Consider the subject’s state of mind as well as his mood. Take into account his interests if possible. Use this knowledge to find the most influential words.

For instance, if the person loves his dog, you can readily say, “You will feel as happy as (the name of his dog), when he sees you coming home.”

It is not particularly difficult to make this connection. You can do it relatively quickly as well. Just make sure you sound convincing rather than informative.

Repeat the embedded command two times for a more powerful effect.

It is not difficult to use this technique. In fact, it will come to you naturally, once you learn how to hypnotize someone. While you are still learning, you should remember to make a logical connection between the sentences and keep the two commands as close to one another as possible.

For example, “You sit on the sofa and you feel good. You feel good looking at the beautiful picture on the wall.”

This advice will certainly help you lean how to hypnotize someone and do it effectively. Keep expanding your knowledge on hypnosis with my article How to Hypnotize Someone – An Overview of the Process.

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