Hypnosis – Structuring the Hypnotic Process

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The process seems to be quite straightforward in theory. However, you should not forget that hypnosis is effective for persuasion because it is flexible and because it can be tailored to every person and situation individually.

This means that you cannot “fire” hypnotic patterns at will. You have to come up with a structured process for persuasion. You already have the backbone of the process, the three stages of hypnosis.

In order to come up with a more detailed structure, you have to focus on developing each stage of the process and on filling it with content.

You have to take into account how much time you have to hypnotize the subject. In sales, you might have just a few minutes. If you are speaking to a friend of yours, you can have hours.

That is why you should have an idea of the hypnosis process structure in terms of time. The amount of time you allocate to each stage of the process will determine how many techniques you can use and for how long to apply them.

The next most important thing to focus on is the content of the conversation, which you will be having with the subject. The direction, in which you set the conversation, has to be logical.

This does not mean that you should not use pattern interrupts, for instance. Quite the opposite, you can readily use these, provided that you have something logical to replace the current thoughts of the person with.

What I am trying to say here is that you have to have an idea where you are taking the subject and follow this path. Additionally, you have to think a step ahead of time, so that your hypnotic process gets smoothly to its natural culmination.

You have learned how to structure your hypnosis. Keep learning with my article Hypnotism – How to Hypnotize Anyone to Obtain Anything You Want.

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