Covert Hypnosis – 2 Great Techniques for Building Rapport

Covert Hypnosis 150x150 Covert Hypnosis   2 Great Techniques for Building Rapport

Covert Hypnotism

Using mirror imaging as the fundamental technique is a good idea, but sometimes you will need more and more influential techniques.

You can readily use all of the following techniques for building rapport that I am presenting here. I highly recommend using them in combination with mirror imaging as well as in combination with one another.

Showing a High Level of Integrity

You have to be able to convince the person you want to influence with covert hypnosis that you are totally honest. You have to make him realize that you are a person he can trust. This will allow your persuasion tactics to work like magic.

In order to show integrity, you have to be confident. It is best to tell a story that shows how you have shown integrity in past situations that are similar to the current one.

It is also a good idea to share something that is confidential with the person to earn his trust. Just think about it. Often when you want to get someone to trust you, you share a secret that strengthens your bond.

Changing Attitudes and Beliefs

You might thing that this is way too difficult for someone who is not a master in covert hypnosis, but this is not true. It is quite easy to make someone happier or more relaxed and to get him to be grateful for this to you.

I personally recommend using pacing and leading for changing emotions, beliefs and attitude. It is true that this technique is used for making subliminal messages, but you can have a short “pre-hypnosis” to pave your path to doing the actual one.

Just follow the standard technique making a number of true statements and influencing the person to accept the last one as true.

You have just discovered two great covert hypnosis methods for building rapport. Keep learning with my article Covert Hypnosis – 4 Tips for Successfully Hypnotizing Anyone.

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