Conversational Hypnosis – How to Use the Perception of the Subject

hypnotist 150x150 Conversational Hypnosis   How to Use the Perception of the Subject

Conversational Hypnotism

You have to know how to choose the right words and non-verbal cues to influence the subject more effectively.

The subject’s perception is particularly important for influencing. In general, people use all five of their senses for perception. However, it is equally true that most of us use one of the senses more actively.

Most people use heavily visual, auditory or kinetic perception. The gustatory and olfactory perceptions are usually not leading. This means that most people gain awareness through seeing, hearing and feeling.

The question is how to use this in conversational hypnosis. If the person uses visual perception primarily, you can readily show him things and use typical phrases associated with visual perception to influence him.

Let me show you how this can work. When you are building rapport, you can readily use phrases like “I see”, “I see the picture” and “I am picturing this”.

You can readily use the person’s visual perception to reach his subconscious mind and make more influential embedded commands. You can readily use phrase, such as “Imagine you are seeing yourself”, “Let me show you (something)” and “See the picture of (yourself doing something)”.

You can use similar phrases to influence a person relying more heavily on any of the perceptions, when you are applying conversational hypnosis.

It is relatively easy to notice what perception the person is using. Just listen to the words and phrases he uses. Most people know the most common phrases that reveal the perception, but do not pay attention to them. Some common examples include, “I see”, “I understand” and “It’s clear”.

You have just learned how to use the subject’s perception for influencing him in two of the main conversational hypnosis stages. Keep learning to be more influential. Start with my article Conversational Hypnosis-Learn To Hypnotize Covertly.

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