How to Hypnotize Someone – Use Redefining for Success

A lot of people want to learn how to hypnotize someone, but they expect that it is as easy as standing in front of the person and making him a zombie. Quite the opposite, the hypnosis is a process and even though it is not complex, it needs mastering.

It is a good idea to have a plan, when you want to put someone under your spell. You can make it flexible, but having a plan will allow you to stay on track and achieve what you want. It’s like setting a goal, when you work on a project.

The logical question you will ask here is how it is possible to plan the covert hypnosis process, when you do not know how the conversation with the person will go. The simple answer is that you can plan effectively, because you can use an effective technique called redefining.

Everyone, who knows how to hypnotize someone and anyone for that matter, uses this method for conversation management and hypnotic influence. The technique is really simple. You have to place the focus of the person on the subject, attitude, value, desire and emotion that you want.

This will give you the basis for not deviating from your plan. More importantly, it will take you one step closer to your goal.

One of the best methods for redefining is to use the phrase, “The question is not (the question the person has asked), but (the question that you want to give an answer to).”

You can use an even more powerful redefining phrase, “This is not the important issue here. The important thing is something else.” This technique is heavily used by everyone who knows how to hypnotize someone.

When you use redefining, you need to make sure that you make it logical.

You have just learned how to hypnotize someone with the help of redefining. Keep learning to become a successful hypnotist, starting with my article How to Hypnotize Someone – An Overview of the Process.

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