Hypnosis – Using Your Voice for Different Hypnotic Techniques

Every element of hypnosis is equally important.

hypnosis1 150x150 Hypnosis   Using Your Voice for Different Hypnotic Techniques

I have said numerous times that the voice is one of the best tools you can use in hypnosis. It can be used for building rapport, for pattern interrupt and for making your embedded commands. In all cases, you can accomplish the best possible effect.

Using your voice for building rapport is not the easiest task, but it is not very challenging as well. What you have to do is to notice the pitch of the voice of the other person and how fast he speaks. Then you simply have to adopt the same speech volume and speed.

Indeed, mirroring can be based on your voice. This is a powerful hypnosis tool, especially when you want to influence someone over the phone. In general, for best results, it should be used together with mirroring gestures and facial expressions.

You can use your tone of voice for making a powerful pattern interrupt. It is your task to create the loop. You can readily speak quickly and passionately. Then you can drop your tone of voice all of a sudden and start speaking slowly and in a relaxed manner.

This is a great pattern interrupt that literally works like magic, but you will need some time to practice in order to apply it effectively.

Getting the right tone of voice for making an embedded command is relatively easy. You have to speak utterly, relatively slowly and without any emotion. You have to have a flat speech.

There should be no changes in the pitch of your voice, when you are applying this final stage of hypnosis.

You have just learned how to use the right tone of voice in every stage of hypnosis. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Hypnosis- The Oldest Form of Influence.

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