Hypnotism – An Important Belief to Use to Your Advantage

In hypnotism, the practitioner uses the subject’s beliefs to influence him. There are many beliefs you can choose to use, but one of them seems to produce the desired results in almost any situation.

What I am talking about here is duty. We do many things simply because we must. For instance, you must get up in the morning to go to work, even if you do not feel like it.

This is just a simple example, valid to most people. When you want to apply hypnotism to someone, you can exploit duties that are specific for this person. Basically, you have to make him feel obliged to do something.

You can readily turn a daily routine into a duty. For instance, you can readily make someone else in your family walk the dog in the morning by presenting this as his duty. You can readily explain to this person that he is responsible for the dog.

One of the best ways to use duty in hypnotism is to make someone return a favor to you. He will simply feel obliged to do it. The really great thing about using this method is that you do not have to wait for the person to ask you for a favor.

You can readily doe something for him without him asking you personally. This will make him even more obliged to return the favor. Even though this trick might be applied without hypnotism, it is always a good idea to use this method.

It will help you make the person more comfortable and more determined to do what you want. Just apply all effective techniques that you know from building rapport to making an embedded command.

You have just learned how to exploit another belief, when using hypnotism to influence others. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Hypnotism- How Can It Work In Your Favor?.

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