Learn Hypnotism – The Importance of Small Words in Conversational Hypnosis

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A lot of people do not pay attention to them, but the little words can be used effectively for influencing any person. In just a sec, I will show you how “but” and “and” can be effectively used for making pattern interrupts and value changes and for giving embedded commands.

When you learn hypnotism and master it fully, you will be able to use “but” extremely effectively for taking any person’s mind from one subject to another. The simplest method is to use the phrase, “This is important, but (something else) is more important.”

With this phrase you show agreement, which satisfies the person. At the same time, you focus his attention and his value system on a different matter. This is a great pattern interrupt that you can use any time you have difficulties in getting to the topic you want during a conversation.

Just remember that you have to make a pause before you pronounce “but”, so that the agreement is powerfully embedded in the other person’s mind.

By using the word “and” you can readily turn things to your advantage, when you apply hypnosis. The pattern is similar.

Let’s say that you are a salesperson and your prospect customer is complaining that the price is too high. You can readily say to him, “I agree the price is high and the big investment in this product will totally pay off. You will have a high return.”

In this case, you are not shifting the focus of the person, but modifying his values. You will notice the subtle difference, when you learn hypnotism and master it completely. Instead of thinking about giving something, the prospect starts thinking about getting something.

Now you know how to powerfully use small words, as you learn hypnotism and practice it. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Learn Hypnosis-Get People To Finally Do what You Want.

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