How to Hypnotize – 3 Powerful Techniques

In order to learn how to hypnotize, you have to learn something new every day. Some of the fundamental techniques you have to learn straightaway, others you will master as you practice.

I have come up with advice that will get you one step closer to those who know how to hypnotize masterfully. Use these small tricks to make any person do whatever you want.

1) Use cross-mirror imaging.

Sometimes mirror imaging is too obvious to use, even if you do your best to act naturally. That is why you may want to do cross-mirror imaging.

For instance, instead of using your right index finger to touch your chin, as the person does, you should do use your left index finger.

It is as simple as this. You just need to get some practice.

2) Get the subject into trance with a trance word that matches the perception of the person.

In some cases, the classics trance word “imagine” will not work. That is why those who know how to hypnotize has a set of trance words at hand. They use specific ones, depending on the individual’s perception.

If the person relies on visual perception mostly, you can use, “see yourself doing (something)”. If the person relies on critical perception, you can use “think” (about doing something).

3) Relate action to achievement in embedded commands.

In hypnosis, you do not have to force the other person to do what you want. You have to make him want to do it. The best way, in which you can achieve this, is to relate your action to a specific goal accomplishment.

This accomplishment has to be important for the person. It should correspond to his inner desires and emotions.

Now you know how to hypnotize more effectively. Keep expanding your knowledge to become a master hypnosis practitioner. Continue with my article How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone.

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