Learn Hypnosis – Consecutive Use of the Same Hypnotic Technique

Covert hypnosis is a complex science, so in order to learn hypnosis and master it you cannot rely just on the fundamental application techniques. In fact, what makes master hypnotist great is the masterful way, in which they apply the fundamental techniques.

A lot of novice practitioners think that hypnotizing is easy, based on the examples they have encountered. However, the examples are based on a particular setting.

For instance, you are trying to sell a product to a prospect customer who lacks confidence. There is no guarantee that such a situation will occur in your life at all, especially if you are not a salesperson.

That is why, as you learn hypnosis, you should learn the different hypnotic techniques as well as how to use them. One effective approach is to apply different methods consecutively.

For instance, you can use a pattern interrupt to make a person feel relaxed. Then you can use another one to make him do what you want. As the person is relaxed, he gets to have better perception of your embedded commands. In turn, he is more likely to follow them.

Similarly, you can use one anchor to elicit a specific emotion and then another anchor to make the emotion stronger. By grading emotions, such as satisfaction and happiness, for instance, you can produce a more powerful hypnotic effect, even if you have just begun to learn hypnosis.

My main point here is that you should not hesitate to use any hypnotic technique consecutively to prepare the subject for accepting the main embedded command and to produce a stronger effect.

You just have to use different patterns. For instance, you cannot use the same pattern interrupt or anchor two times.

Now you know how to learn hypnosis and master it effectively. Continue reading to discover more. Start with my article Learn Hypnosis-Get People To Finally Do what You Want.

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