Hypnotize – Doing Many Things at the Same Time to Hypnotize

Those who know how to hypnotize can do a number of things at the same time. You may thing it is impossible to juggle many balls at the same time, but with practice, you will get to do this naturally. The question is what things you need to do at the same time.

Even though the first stage of covert hypnosis is building rapport, you cannot apply the techniques by themselves. Let’s look at the most popularly used technique, mirror imaging. You have to mirror the gestures and facial expressions of the person you want you hypnotize.

However, you will literally look like to monkeys facing one another, unless you lead a meaningful conversation, while using mirror imaging to build rapport. It is difficult to concentrate on both talking and mirroring, so you may want to have a small talk with the person.

Asking general questions, such as “How are you today” or “Are you comfortable” will definitely help. More importantly, you have to keep building rapport thought the entire conversation, if you want to hypnotize the person effectively.

The more difficult part comes next. You have to use conversation management to get the conversation into the desired direction. The problem is that many novices just keep talking what they want to talk about while ignoring what the other person is saying.

This is definitely a mistake that will prevent you from hypnotizing the person. What you have to do instead is to focus on studying the person’s replies, language, speech, voice, gestures and other behavioral patterns.

This is hard to achieve, when you are trying to have a conversation, but this is the only way, in which you can find cues and tools that you can use to hypnotize the person. The best way to get used to this is to practice covert hypnosis as much as you can.

Now you know how to hypnotize people more effectively. Keep learning with my article Hypnotize – The Myths And Realities About Conversational Hypnosis.

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