Conversational Hypnosis – Using Presuppositions for Hypnosis

woman having hypnosis 150x150 Conversational Hypnosis   Using Presuppositions for Hypnosis

There are different ways, in which you can use these tools effectively.

The best way to use presuppositions in conversational hypnosis is to link embedded commands to the benefit from doing an action. In this way, your presupposition will be extremely powerful.

For instance, “You will be able to relax, after completing the work on this project.” The focus here is on the outcome, the relaxation, but the embedded command is masterfully slipped in as a past action. In this way, it is much easier for the subject to get to work on the project.

Another effective method for influencing a person to do what you want with these tools is to combine the embedded command with a true action that the person is already performing. For instance, “You feel relaxed while sitting in this comfortable armchair.”

You can readily use ordinal numbers to make presuppositions that are effective for influencing. This is really effective as ordinal numbers make us plan and literally map our actions in our mind.

Here is an example of how to use these to make presuppositions. You can readily say to the person, “You can readily get some rest after you do some work first.”

Another great way to use these tools in conversational hypnosis is to give the person a choice between two options, presenting it as if he has already decide to opt for any one of them.

For instance, “Would you like to get the work done or relax first?” In this case, you are assuming that the person has agreed to do the work.

Now you know how to use presupposition tools in conversational hypnosis in a number of different ways. Keep learning more with my article Conversational Hypnosis-Commanding Other People Through Conversation.

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