Black Ops Hypnosis – Embedded Commands and Their Effects

hypnosis 0011 150x150 Black Ops Hypnosis   Embedded Commands and Their Effects

The person you are hypnotizing is supposed to accepted the embedded command and follow it. Provided that you have done this correctly, the person will do what you want him to.

As you probably know, in traditional hypnosis the hypnotist is not supposed to use words such as “should” or “could. He is supposed to make straightforward commands or subliminal suggestions.

In black ops hypnosis, things are quite different. It is best to avoid using the above suggestive words, but it is not against the rules. Furthermore, you do not have to use embedded commands straightforwardly.

Let me give you an example to illustrate my point. Instead of saying to the person, “You feel relaxed”, you can use, “Feeling relaxed?”, “Sit down and you will feel relaxed” or “You will feel relaxed after sitting down.”

All of these are effective embedded commands in black ops hypnosis. They will all work, provided that you have prepared the subject for them.

Sometimes the action that you want the other person to take is not straightforward. You simply need to make him do something that he will do later on. In these cases, you need to get an agreement. Still, the embedded commands are the same.

A lot of people are asking me how you know the person will do what you have commanded him to do. Your task is to make him determined and motivated to do it. This guarantees you to a great extent that he will.

You can readily ask the person whether he will do it with the use of another embedded command. Given the example above, you can use “Feeling relaxed?”

Just remember that when the action is really important you should not ask, “Will you do it?”, but something like, “Will you do it now or later on?” The latter assumes that the person will do what you want.

Now you know how to make embedded commands in black ops hypnosis more effectively. Keep learning with my article Black Ops Hypnosis-Discover The Sneakiest Way To Get What You Want From People.

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