How to Hypnotize – 2 Powerful Tips on How to Hypnotize

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Here are two new things that you will certainly want to learn.

1) Use more questions in the hypnotic patterns.

It is often easier to influence the mind of a person with the use of questions. This is because these naturally promote thinking and activity on subconscious level.

Questions are great for getting someone into the right state of mind for hypnosis. For instance, instead of telling the person the feel relaxed, you can readily ask him, “When have you felt most relaxed?” This will bring back the memory and elicit the desired state of mind.

As you may know, questions are ideal for pattern interrupts. For example a salesperson can use the sentence, “Why aren’t you seeing the product’s benefits?” This is certainly an unexpected question to ask, but it can give you the perfect basis for influencing the customer and closing the sale.

Those who know how to hypnotize often use questions to make embedded commands. You can readily say to the person you want to influence, “As you are talking to me, you feel more motivated to do something, aren’t you?”

2) Ignore objections instead of countering them.

You are beginning the induction with the trance word “imagine”, but the person is interrupting you and telling you how worried he feels. What do you have to do to overcome this objection?

Those who know how to hypnotize will simply ignore it. Instead of focusing on the person’s worries, you need to use his imagination to make him feel more comfortable and relaxed and to get him into trance.

Thus, you can go on and say, “See yourself getting more relaxed. Feel your muscles become less tense” and so on.

You have just learned how to hypnotize people using effective techniques. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone.

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