Learn to Hypnotize – How Effective Is Covert Hypnosis for Sales?

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You certainly want to take a peak at the different hypnotic techniques used in sales and find out how effective they are.

The hypnotic process in sales is not different from the hypnotic process in any other situation. Still, if you want to learn how to hypnotize in order to use your skills to make sales, you should focus on mastering the rapport building skills.

You do not know the prospect customer, so you have to master mirror imaging to perfection. You should also master voice matching. You have to use your sensory acuity and vigilance to indentify which is the leading perception used by the prospect.

Basically, you have to be able to get the keys for persuasion as well as to build a subconscious connection with the prospect at the same time. Provided that you can do these things, you will certainly close the sale using covert hypnosis, irrespective of the prospect and the product you are selling to him.

Some people think that it is difficult to get a person you do not know into trance, but this is mainly because they have traditional hypnosis in mind. In covert hypnosis, you have to use the prospect’s own imagination to make him experience using the product and enjoying its benefits in his mind.

It takes skill to do this, but you will gain this skill, as you learn to hypnotize. At the final stage of the hypnotic sales process, you simply have to slip the embedded command.

This can be done in a very sneaky way. For instance, you can ask, “Would you like the product gift wrapped?” In this way, you automatically assume that the prospect will buy the product and this is most likely the decision he has made in his mind.

Now you know why you need to learn to hypnotize for sales. Keep learning more with my article Learn to Hypnotize – The 4 Main Steps.

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