Learn Hypnotism – The Final Stage of Hypnosis

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However, this does not mean that it is easy in general. You need to learn how to slip these commands into casual speech and make them super effective and powerful.

When it is the right time to complete the hypnotic session and make an embedded command? This is really up to hypnotist to decide. Generally, you have to have led the person to a stage, in which he has already experienced the benefits of what you want him to do and has the desire to do it.

You may ask a test question to figure out when the person is ready for the embedded command, but this is not recommend it. It is best to use it straight away as part of the hypnotic pattern you are applying. If it does not work the first time, you can keep using the embedded command over and over again until it works.

There are different ways, in which you can embed a command. You will learn all about these methods, as you learn hypnotism. The general rule is to make the command covert like everything else in the hypnotic process.

Think about it. The person feels that he connects to you during the first stage of rapport building. Then, he falls into trance thinking he is driven by his own imagination rather than by you.

If you make an embedded command straightforwardly and in a commanding manner, you will break the pattern you are using. In turn, you will lose the progress you have made. As you learn hypnotism, you will find out how important it is to make the command in a subtle manner.

Now you know how you can complete the hypnotic process, as you learn hypnotism. Keep discovering more in my article Learn Hypnosis and the Secrets to a Better Life.

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