Hypnosis – 3 Covert Hypnosis Mistakes to Avoid

hypnosis 150x150 Hypnosis   3 Covert Hypnosis Mistakes to Avoid

It gets easy, but only if you practice for a long time. In the beginning, you are likely to make mistakes.

It is natural to make mistakes, when you are a novice in the practice of hypnosis. You can fix them with practice or you can take note of them now and make it a point to avoid them.

1) Staring at the person, when mirroring his gestures, is a serious mistake to avoid.

This is a very common mistake, because novice practitioners fear that the person will notice what they are doing. They stare at the person in order to avoid being caught mirroring his gesture.

In order to avoid this mistake, you may want to try cross mirror imaging. You have to make the same gesture, but with the other hand or leg. Another thing you can try is to memorize the gesture and mirror it a few seconds after the person has stopped making it.

2) Mentioning the benefit you will get if the person does what you want is a huge mistake.

This is a simple yet devastating hypnosis mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Just repeat to yourself the most important rule of hypnosis – it is all about the person you are hypnotizing.

Twist things around so that the person sees you as an impartial bystander. Talk only about the person’s desires and goals.

3) Making the embedded command too obvious is another top mistake to avoid.

Sometimes saying “Do this” is particularly effective, but it usually does not work. Slip the command masterfully in a seemingly casual sentence. Ask a question or make an assumption to influence the person, while covering the command.

Now you know to avoid some of the most common and serious hypnosis mistakes. Keep learning more with my article Hypnosis- The Oldest Form of Influence.

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