Hypnotism – Should You Apply It to Yourself?

hypnotist 150x150 Hypnotism   Should You Apply It to Yourself?


Most people want to learn hypnotism so that they can make others do what they want. However, you may use covert hypnosis on yourself as well. Is this worth it? How do you benefit from this? Are there any risks? Find the answers now.

There are a lot of people who are applying covert hypnotism on themselves. It differs slightly from what we are used to defining self-hypnosis. You are not using a tape, but consciously applying the different techniques that you have learned.

You will be able to go through all stages of hypnosis, apart from building rapport. You can get yourself into trance effectively just by imagining a situation or a place, in which you want to be.

Then you can do whatever you want to get yourself do something. You can try pacing and leading and then making an embedded command. All you have to do is use the power of your mind.

Now, we get to the most important question – what is the benefit from all this? As you can see from the short description of the process, you can use hypnotism to do anything.

You can use it to get relaxed or to get motivated to do something that you find difficult or something that you are anxious about. You can use the techniques anytime anywhere.

The benefits of using the techniques on you are many. By getting more motivation and determination, you can accomplish your goals more effectively. You can use hypnotism to gain confidence and to relax in tense situations.

Basically, you can overcome any hurdle towards accomplishing your goals. This is an amazing power to have.

When it comes to risks, there are no any. This form of influence is safe to apply on anyone, especially on yourself, since you can control both yourself and the hypnotic process.

Now you know how you can use hypnotism for self improvement. Keep discovering more with my article Hypnotism-Why Learn It?.

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