Covert Hypnosis – Protecting Yourself from Influences

Covert Hypnosis20 150x150 Covert Hypnosis   Protecting Yourself from Influences

Most people want to learn how to do covert hypnosis because they want to influence others. However, you should not forget that practitioners, who are already skilled, can influence you as well.

Just ask yourself what will happen if anyone uses any hypnotic techniques on you? You will get influenced to do what that other person wants. You would not want this to happen.

That is why you should not hesitate to use your covert hypnosis knowledge for protection from influences as well as for influencing others. Generally, the more skilled you become the less likely you will get influenced.

All you have to do is to stay confident at all times. It is much easier for a person to make you do what they want, when you have “lowered your guard.” Another important thing is to be vigilant for hypnotic patterns.

You know the most widely used trance phrases, such as “imagine” and “as if”. You also know what language hypnotists use to make you fall into trance deeper and deeper.

Pattern interrupts are perhaps the easiest to spot. However, they are the hardest to reject. If someone does or says something surprising and weird, then you acknowledge it, but you cannot help but wonder why the person has done or said that.

Instead of questioning the action or the thing said, you should question the motif behind it. Just ask yourself what kind of effect the person is trying to accomplish.

Be careful with presuppositions in covert hypnosis, as they can be very sneaky. If you are asked whether your biggest mistakes on your work project was X or Y, the person asking you assumes that you have made mistakes and that they are X and Y.

No matter how uncomfortable and pressing the situation may be, you have to get yourself together and avoid getting carried away. Just think through everything carefully.

Now you know how to use covert hypnosis to protect yourself from influences. Continue expanding your knowledge with my article Covert Hypnosis-Casting a Secret Spell To Get People To Follow Your Every Command.

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