How to Hypnotize – 3 Tips on How to Hypnotize

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Pace and lead throughout the entire conversation.

If you want to take complete control over the conversation, you should definitely pace and lead all the time. This does not mean preventing the other person from speaking. It is all about getting the conversation into the direction you want.

You just need to give the person the steps that he needs to make in order to reach the decision to do what you want. Remember that repetition is not something bad, but something quite useful, provided that you pace carefully and without being pushy.

Use anchors for building rapport.

Anchors are used for influencing the person when he is in trance. However, many of those who know how to hypnotize use anchors for building rapport. You can do this too. The task is not particularly difficult.

You just need to find anchors that will make the person bond with you more strongly. For instance, you can say, “Sitting here and talking feels just like relaxing in front of the fireplace at home.” You will immediately create a sense of coziness, relaxation and love and care.

Avoid using “but” in agreement frames.

Some practitioners who know how to hypnotize effectively actually use “but” in agreement frames because they know how to slip it through. However, when you “but” in the way most of use are used to, the other person will notice that you are making a contradictory statement and will get out of trance.

Even if you have to twist things around a little bit, you should definitely use “and”. For example, you can use, “I agree (the product is too costly) and I think it is worth the investment which will pay off by giving you these benefits and saving you X dollars.”

Now you know how to hypnotize using three powerful techniques correctly. Keep learning more with my article How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone.

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