Hypnosis – Powerful Words You Can Use in Hypnosis

In traditional hypnosis, you need to use ready scripts for induction. In covert hypnosis, you have to find the right words and phrases to hypnotize a person during a conversation. That is why the choice of right words and phrases is extremely important.

You are certainly familiar with one of the most powerful words used in hypnotism “imagine”. You may have seen it used in many examples and it may seem too blunt for you, but it actually works like magic on non-practitioners.

In fact words like, “what if”, “think about” and “see yourself” work equally well for getting a person into trance and making him see and feel the benefits from doing what you want.

The use of words that make perceptions stronger is extremely useful for building rapport as well as for keeping the person focused on what you are telling him. Using words and phrases like “Listen to this”, “Hear this” and “Let me clarify” is essential for influencing a person.

We use them naturally to grab the attention, so it should not be difficult for you to use them when you are applying hypnosis.

There are other powerful words that can be effectively used for influencing a person. “Notice” is particularly useful for catching the attention. It can be used in a pattern interrupt as well.

It is important to have the right intonation when using these powerful words for influencing people. It is best to pronounce the trance words quietly and without emotion. In this way, people accept them more easily.

When you want to grab the person’s attention or use a pattern interrupt, you need to raise your voice. In this case, you should not use emotions either. In general, the less emotion you put in your words the more powerful they will be.

Now you know how to use powerful words for hypnosis. Keep learning more with my article Hypnosis- The Oldest Form of Influence.

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