Hypnotize – Eliciting Emotions through Asking Questions

If you want to hypnotize people powerfully, you have to use a variety of different hypnotic techniques. Anchoring is not the only technique for eliciting emotions in people. Asking specific questions is often simpler and equally effective.

Before I get to show you the actual techniques, I would like to point out why emotions are so important when you hypnotize.

Provided that you can elicit an emotion in a person, you can readily influence him to act on it. We make decisions based on emotions and once the person decided he will do something, he certainly will.

The open ended questions are the easiest to use as well as among the most effective. The important thing is to presuppose that the person is experiencing a certain emotion. For instance, “Why are you feeling so relaxed?”

This question is good, but in many cases you may get an objection. That is why it is a good idea to ask a trickier question. You can readily ask, “How relaxed does sitting in this café make you feel?”

You are assuming that the person is relaxed and he will really think about it because you are not directly telling him how relaxed he feels. In general, you should try to use as much “how to” questions as possible when you hypnotize.

The closed questions, the ones we answer with “yes” or “no”, can also be used for eliciting emotions and influencing people. However, they are trickier for the hypnotists because the person can always say “no”.

Still, you can readily use them when you are more or less certain that the person will say “yes”. Such questions are extremely effective for pacing and leading. You can use them to hypnotize a person and get him to agree with doing what you want.

Now you can hypnotize more effectively using questions to elicit emotions. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotize – The Myths And Realities About Conversational Hypnosis.

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