Covert Hypnosis – An Effective Technique for Building Rapport

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Covert Hypnoyis

It is often difficult to connect to people subconsciously because their subconscious mind is preoccupied with emotions.

That is why you should learn and master as many techniques for building rapport as possible. Now, I will show you a really simple and effective one.

The pattern that you need to use is “I am speaking to you as”. You have to make a comparison that is positive and will allow you to connect to the person.

Let’s say that you are a salesperson talking to a prospect customer. You can readily say, “I am speaking to you as a person who has been looking for such a solution for quite some time.”

You can see how a slight confusion pattern is used within this covert hypnosis pattern. It is not clear whether the person speaking is the one looking for the solution or whether the comparison refers to the subject being hypnotized.

This ambiguity aids for building rapport because it connects the two people. Additionally, you can use it to flatter the person subtly.

For instance, you can say to a person, “I am speaking to you as an experienced covert hypnosis practitioner.” You can see how the flatter is in exactly the right dosage.

Indeed, it is important for you to use unemotional intonation when applying this pattern for building rapport. Otherwise, the person may get the wrong message and think you are making fun of him.

This pattern is effective and simple to use. You do not need much creativity to apply it either. You may want to use an anchor or a metaphor in the comparison, if you think this is appropriate.

Now you can use another effective covert hypnosis technique. Keep learning more with my article Covert Hypnosis – 4 Tips for Successfully Hypnotizing Anyone.

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