Conversational Hypnosis – 2 Tips for Applying Conversational Hypnosis Effectively

hypnosis15 1 150x150 Conversational Hypnosis   2 Tips for Applying Conversational Hypnosis Effectively

This is because you have to be able to make your persuasion flexible enough using a variety of patterns to suit the person and the situation.

I have come up with some advice on how to apply conversational hypnosis better.

1) Let the subject agree with your pacing.

This will really help you for more effective conversational management. In some cases, you may not be certain that the subject is accepting your pacing. That is why you can readily ask for confirmation.

For instance, when you say to the person, “You are comfortably sitting on a chair”, you can readily make an inviting gesture for him to confirm this. It is not a good idea to ask questions as this can break the state of trance.

Another method you can use to get confirmation that your pacing is working effectively is to use phrases, such as “you know” and “you understand”.

For example, you can say, “You know you are now sitting comfortable on a chair.” An even better example is, “You know you are looking for promotion at work.”

Just remember to lead logically after pacing.

2) Make suggestions one at a time.

When you are using conversational hypnosis, your objectives should be simple. You may want to make the person do a number of actions so that you get the benefits that you want. However, this does not mean that you should produce one long and complex suggestion.

It is better to make embedded commands relatively short and simple. In this way, you will be able to make one suggestion at a time to get the entire plan for action mapped onto the person’s mind.

For instance, you can pace and lead a number of times to persuade the person to do each action.

Now you can use conversational hypnosis more effectively. Keep learning more on the subject with my article Conversational Hypnosis-Commanding Other People Through Conversation.

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