Learn to Hypnotize – Getting a Person into Trance

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This notion is usually associated with the state of trance.

In many ancient cultures, the state of trance was associated with getting closer to the gods and communicating with them. This is where this notion comes from.

The reality is that trance is a natural state that we have all been in at least once in your lives.

Have you ever just turned away from your work while sitting on a desk and thought about something you have done or something that you plan to do?

You imagine it vividly as if you are actually being in a certain place and doing something. Then you feel like you have woken up from a dream.

This is what trance is. It is an altered state of mind that you can be in. The important thing you need to know, as you want to learn to hypnotize, is that anyone can induce a state of trance in someone else. The first person just has to know how to do it.

There are two main methods for inducing trance in covert hypnosis. One of them is to describe directly what you want the person to feel and do. The interesting thing is that you can use a variety of language patterns to do it.

You can talk about the actions being done now and the benefits being reaped now. Alternatively, you can ask questions about past events to get the person ready to accept your hypnotic suggestion.

The other method for getting someone into trance is to use pattern interrupts. Basically, you have to break a thinking pattern by doing or saying something strange, unexpected or confusing. You should definitely learn how to use pattern interrupts, as you learn to hypnotize.

Now you can learn to hypnotize more effectively having learned more about trance. Keep learning more with my article Learn To Hypnotize With Embedded Commands.

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