Learn Hypnotism – How to Improve Your Use of Pattern Interrupts

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Learn Hypnotism

When you learn hypnotism, you realize that there are two main methods for getting a person into trance. The first one involves using trance words and making the subject relaxed. The other one involves the use of confusion patterns and pattern interrupts.

A lot of novice practitioners find pattern interrupts more difficult to use because they are worried that the other person will get offended and frustrated and leave. I need to point out that this will not happen, if you have build rapport effectively.

Remember that by building rapport, you get the other person to like you as well as to trust you. In this case, he will not get offended by your words. He will just get confused and this is exactly what you want.

Which type of pattern interrupt is best to use? As you learn hypnotism, you will find that the best pattern interrupt to use in any situation will come naturally to you. Indeed, if you just listen to the “inner voice” inside your head, you will definitely get to use the best pattern.

Just think about it. Sometimes you just want to laugh at a person because he is “blind” for the benefits you present to him.

Normally, you will not laugh at him because this is considered rude and offensive. However, if you want to hypnotize the person, you should definitely use this pattern interrupt.

In general, as you learn hypnotism, you should definitely be bold about using pattern interrupts.

Let’s say that you are trying to make your friend perform on stage with you, but he has stage fright. You can say to him, “Are you a dedicated and talented singer or just another amateur who does not have what it takes to become famous?”

Now you know how to improve your use of pattern interrupts, as you learn hypnotism and practice it. Keep learning more with my article Learn To Hypnotize With Embedded Commands.

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