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Many of those who want to learn to hypnotize with covert hypnosis think they need to use endless monologues like the ones used in hypnotherapy. This is certainly not the case. In conversational hypnosis, you have to use all language techniques and patterns that you can benefit from.

The questions are really useful when you try to influence someone. The open-ended questions, in particular, can be used throughout all stages of the hypnotic process. You should expect to get great results with this technique when you learn to hypnotize.

Questions, such as, “How do you feel” are useful for building rapport.

You should definitely use questions to get a person into trance, especially if these allow you to make the conversation more genuine and natural. For instance, instead of saying, “Imagine getting benefit X”, you can say, “How do you see yourself enjoying benefit X?”

The question uses presupposition as well and this makes it even more powerful. In general, as you learn to hypnotize, you should try to exploit different techniques simultaneously.

It is a good idea for you to use memories during induction to influence the person more effectively. For example, you can readily ask the person, “When have you felt the most motivated/confident/relaxed/accomplished?”

Questions are really useful for making embedded commands because you can slip in presupposition that is not straightforward. You can ask, “What will you do after having done X” or “How will you do X?”

Both of these work like magic because you presuppose the person will do what you want. In addition, you require an answer that is more than just “yes” or “no”. That is why the person will have no choice, but to imagine and map in his head the action you want him to take.

Now you can learn to hypnotize better by asking questions. Keep learning more with my article Learn to Hypnotize – The 4 Main Steps.

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