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When you learn hypnosis, you get to see a lot of examples of patterns and techniques are used in different social situations for influencing different people. That is why a lot of people think that there is no way in which a person cannot object to influences and reject doing what you want.

Things like these may happen, especially in the beginning when you still have a lot to learn. The good news, however, is that you can counter these objections.

The main thing you need to learn hypnosis and to learn to counter objections is the right mindset. You should never look at your actions as a form of manipulation, as this can put you off balance.

What you have to do is to keep repeating to yourself that the person you want to influence will only benefit from doing what you want. The reason why he rejects your influence is that you cannot fully explain the benefits of him doing what you want.

In many cases, the best thing to do is to go back to square one. If the person says, “No”, you should definitely ask something like, “Do you realize what opportunity you are missing?”

In general, the idea is to go back to the beginning of the hypnotic process. You can readily build stronger rapport and use more techniques that you get to learn as you learn hypnosis.

Then you can use a trance phrase to present the benefits of doing what you want again. Just remember to take things slowly.

Another option is to use a pattern interrupt. You can laugh at the person and when he asks why you are doing this, you can readily tell him that you laugh at him because he does not see the benefits of doing what you want. This will really work.

Now you can learn hypnosis better, as you know two effective methods for countering objections. Keep discovering more in my article Learn Hypnosis-Get People To Finally Do what You Want.

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