Hypnotism – Why You Should Avoid Using Ready Scripts

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At present, there are a lot of people looking for ready scripts to use, but these have proven to be widely ineffective, primarily for the reason I have just mentioned.

It is certainly a good idea to look at a script and to use as many of the patterns as you can. However, it is certainly not recommended to learn some lines by heart, even if you modify them so that they suit your particular needs.

This is because in conversational hypnotism, you cannot possibly know what the other person involved in the conversation will say. If you try to use a script directly, you will almost certainly get to a point at which you lose control of the situation.

What I’m trying to say here is that in hypnotism you have to be more flexible. Instead of relying on a ready script, you just need to have the structure of the hypnotic process and some useful patterns in your head.

Try to relax and to speak casually with the person. Start by building rapport and do it as naturally as possible. In most cases, if you use ready lines that you have learned by heart, people will notice that there is something wrong.

Then get the person into trance using an effective trance word from hypnotism. If the person does not get into trance straight away, use another trance word and a more descriptive sentence.

Then you have to explain to the person the benefits he will get from doing what you want. Embed the command as best as possible. Make the sentence casual and do not raise or lower your voice unnecessarily.

Now you know what you have to do instead of using scripts for hypnotism. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotism – How to Hypnotize Anyone to Obtain Anything You Want.

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