Covert Hypnosis – How to Take Control of a Conversation

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However, in order to achieve this, you will need more than just the main hypnotic techniques. You have to be able to take control of the conversation, so that you can use these techniques effectively.

How do you take control over a conversation? As a start, you have to have a set goal. What do you want to talk about? The answer to this question is most likely – the thing you want the person to do.

However, you cannot just mention this all of a sudden, if you want covert hypnosis to be effective. That is why it is a good idea to question the person a little bit first. Indeed, questions are your main tools for getting control over a conversation.

What you have to do here is to ask what the person needs and wants and perhaps what his goals are. Then you can readily use this information for influencing him using covert hypnosis while he is in a state of trance.

You do not have to interrogate the person. You can readily ask something like, “Are you still considering getting promoted/getting a new car/relaxing?”

Then you can readily slip your idea and say that by doing what you want, the person will get the respective benefit. The next step is to get him into trance and apply the necessary covert hypnosis techniques.

You can see that I have given example with a closed question. In general, it is best use open ended questions that require a detailed answer rather than just “yes” or “no”. However, if you have built strong rapport with the person and have made him comfortable to share, you can ask any type of questions.

Now you know how to control a conversation to apply covert hypnosis effectively. Keep learning more with my article Covert Hypnosis – 4 Tips for Successfully Hypnotizing Anyone.

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