Conversational Hypnosis – Using Emotional Binds to Influence People

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Making emotional binds is important for influencing a person to do what you want. You can use this technique for making extremely effective embedded commands.

The idea here is to associate the action you want the person to do with a positive emotion. You do not need to use descriptive sentences to make the person experience the emotion. It is all about making the person feel that he has a choice for reaching the emotional state he wants to be in.

This may sound a bit complex, so I will show you an example. You can say to the person you want to hypnotize, “You realize that by doing X, you will feel good and feeling good is what you want, isn’t it?” You can see how the emotional binds work in this sentence.

Firstly, you bind the emotion to the action you want the person to do. Then you bind the emotion to his desires and needs. In general, it is always more effective to use similar double binds in conversational hypnosis.

With this double bind, you manage to present the person with a win-win situation. Basically, you are practically giving him no choice, but to do what you want.

The pattern is indeed quite simple and easy to memorize. You should definitely use it to make embedded commands.

Just remember that you should always use positive emotions so that this conversational hypnosis pattern is effective. In the above example, you can readily replace “good” with “happy”, “relaxed”, “successful” or “motivated”.

It is essential for you not to use the classic double bind which uses one negative emotion. This will sound like a threat and make the person less willing to do what you want.

Now you know how to use another effective conversational hypnosis pattern. Keep learning more with my article Conversational Hypnosis-Commanding Other People Through Conversation.

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