Learn to Hypnotize – Learn an Effective Method for Using Pacing and Leading

In order for you to learn to hypnotize effectively, you should find effective ways to use the techniques that you are learning. The pacing and leading technique is effective for influencing a person to do something when he is in trance. However, it can have another effective application as well.

In many cases, the person you are trying to influence is not in the right emotional state for hypnosis. In order to make him calm and relaxed, you can readily use pacing and leading. This is a sort of preliminary hypnosis that will allow you to influence the person more effectively.

It is up to you to decide whether to use past or immediate pacing, depending on the situation. As you learn to hypnotize, you will find that both of these methods are effective in different kinds of situations.

You can readily choose which technique to use taking into account the present events and the ones that have already occurred.

For instance, if the person is now in a position to relax, you should use immediate pacing. If he has been negatively influenced by something that has just happened, you can use past pacing to make him feel more comfortable about the present situation.

The other rules of pacing and leading that you learn as you learn to hypnotize do not change. Make at least three true statements that concern the person and that he can verify. Then lead using a statement that you want to be true. In this case, it should be something like, “Now you can relax.”

In general, you can use this method to elicit any kind of positive emotion. You can make the person feel happier, more optimistic or more excited, if you need such an emotional state for the purposes of persuasion.

Now you can learn to hypnotize more effectively, since you know another way for using pacing and leading. Keep expanding your knowledge with my article Learn to Hypnotize – First You Must Know the Basics.

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