Hypnosis – A Small Trick to Make It More Effective

You are certainly familiar with the main stages of hypnosis. You have to build rapport first. Then you have to get the person into trance and use visualization to influence him. Then you have to slip your embedded command that he will follow.

There is no doubt that creating the right kind of picture in the person’s mind is the most crucial of all tasks in the hypnosis process. You have to make the person see and feel all the benefits from doing the thing you want. You have to make him experience them so that he wants them even more.

Usually, a hypnotist would talk about the things the person will experience, but you can readily get this technique to a higher level using a small twist. You can talk about the way the loved ones of this person will feel.

This will make the effect of hypnosis even more powerful in this way, because seeing the happiness of our loved ones makes us even happier, especially when we have caused this. Basically, the technique is foolproof and will work on anyone.

Let me show you an example of how it works. You are a salesperson and you want to send a kitchen appliance, a cooker, to a stay at home mom. You can say to her, “Imagine how happy you will feel when seeing the happiness in your children’s eyes when they enjoy tasty and healthy food on the table every day.”

This example shows how effective this trick can be in hypnosis. It is true that the sentence is a bit complex, but it produces the desired results.

If you want to make the pattern a little more flexible, you can say, “Imagine seeing the happiness in your children’s eyes when they enjoy tasty and healthy food on the table every day. Doesn’t this make you feel happy?”

In this way, you can get a direct emotional response and make the persuasion even more effective.

Now you know how to make hypnosis even more powerful. Keep learning more with my article Hypnosis- The Oldest Form of Influence.

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