Conversational Hypnosis – The Not Doing Technique and Its Use

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You probably know that in conversational hypnosis, everything should be focused on the positive. You should not make negative statements as these can disturb the state of trance the person is in. However, you can use the not doing technique which includes a negative language form.

This technique is particularly useful when you are trying to make the person you will hypnotize feel relaxed first. It is also useful for influencing a person in general.

In order to apply this technique, you need to combine it with pacing and leading. In general, it is just like any traditional conversational hypnosis technique only that it uses “not”.

You can readily say to a person, “You haven’t done anything wrong. You are not being accused of anything. You do not have to worry about it.” This is an example of pacing and leading with not doing. You can notice how it works to make a person feel relaxed.

You can use the technique in a similar way to build anticipation and desire. You can say to the person you want to hypnotize, “You haven’t succeeded in this business. You are not making any money. Don’t you want to change things?”

This is the perfect basis for making your hypnotic suggestion. It is true that this pattern deviates from the idea of using positive statements in conversational hypnosis, but it can be used when nothing else works.

In general, you can use this technique to make any embedded command. For instance, you can say, “You don’t have to go right now”. You can also make a command like, “You don’t want to leave early.”

The idea is quite simple. Just make sure you choose the right embedded command so that you influence the person to do what you want effectively.

Now you know another effective conversational hypnosis technique. Keep learning more with my article Conversational Hypnosis-Commanding Other People Through Conversation.

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