How to Hypnotize – The Use of Punctuation Ambiguity

how to hypnotize someone 150x134 How to Hypnotize   The Use of Punctuation Ambiguity

You know the fundamental techniques as well. However, there are more complex and psychologically deeper hypnotic techniques that you need to learn as well.

I must point out that these techniques require great skill and knowledge to apply. That is why you should definitely practice hard before you get to use them on people that you want to influence effectively.

After saying this, I can go on and introduce you to punctuation ambiguity, which those who know how to hypnotize use frequently. This complex term is used to depict a technique which we sometimes use involuntarily in our language.

In its essence, it is saying something, which can have two different meanings. These can come from the different applications of different grammar and punctuation rules. Let me show you a number of examples.

You can say to a person, “I have got all the tools I need to fix the big picture on the wall.” You can see that the embedded command here is “fix the big picture” and it actually have a metaphorical meaning.

Similarly, you can say, “Open the mind door by pressing the handle more firmly.” Here the command is “open the mind”.

Those who know how to hypnotize can come up with such patterns for influencing people quickly. As a novice, you may want to create such patterns in advance and use them in the right moment.

You may be thinking that these commands may be too obvious and the person you want to influence will notice what you are trying to do. This will not happen, provided that the person is into a state of trance, which you can get him into easily.

Now you know how to hypnotize using a seemingly strange, but very effective technique. Keep learning more with my article How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone.

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