How to Hypnotize Someone – How to Use Tag Questions

hypnotize 150x150 How to Hypnotize Someone   How to Use Tag Questions

I’m about to show you a technique for making embedded commands. It is really simple to use, but the effect is excellent.

All you have to do to put this technique into action is to use tag questions. These are really effective for making an embedded command because they allow you to make a statement and question it at the same time.

For instance, you can say to a person, “You are ready to do X, aren’t you?” Similarly, you can say, “You want to take action now and do X, don’t you?” You certainly get the idea behind these examples.

The question is used for making the pattern covert and unrecognizable by the critical mind as a command. It is also used to produce a direct response from the person. At the same time, the command is actually a pure statement and this makes is quite straightforward and easy to accept.

You can use literally any kind of tag question to make a person do what you want. This is what those who know how to hypnotize someone do.

Just remember to use the correct tone of voice. Speak flatly and with a low voice. Lower your voice further when pronouncing the end of the sentence which constitutes the question.

Those who know how to hypnotize use this simple and effective technique not only for making embedded commands. It can be used for checking the effectiveness of your persuasion and for stressing the importance of the benefits to the person again.

You can say to the person, “You realize that doing X is the only way to get benefits A, B and C, don’t you?”

Now you know how to hypnotize someone using tag questions. Keep learning more with my article How To Hypnotize Someone-The Many Different Hypnotic Techniques.

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