Learn to Hypnotize – Learn Short Stories to Hypnotize People

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. One of the best ways to learn to influence people using covert hypnosis is to learn how to tell short stories.

Why is this so important? How can it help you learn to hypnotize?

Every time you read a story or a novel or watch a movie, you are literally getting “inside” the story. You are literally living in it, especially when you read and have to use your imagination to create the images of the characters and scenes in your head.

When you are reading or listening to a story in you are in a state of altered consciousness. Simply put, you are in a state of trance. That is why you are ready to accept everything that you are being told.

Just think about it. Do you think people can turn into super powerful creatures, such as vampires or werewolves, for instance?

You will most certainly say “no”. However, when you are told such a story you actually do not ask yourself this question, as you sympathize with the characters and curious to find out what happens next.

How can story telling help you learn to hypnotize? Given all this, it is perfectly possible for you to hypnotize people and influence them to do what you want by telling stories.

You should come up with short hypnotic stories that will get the person into trance quickly. You have to pace and lead throughout the story. You should also create attention loops that will keep the person anticipating the next “chapter”.

It is best for you to create a character that the person can identify himself with. It is equally important to use the right tone of voice when pacing, asking questions and making embedded commands.

Now you know why and how to learn stories that you can use to influence people as you learn to hypnotize. Keep discovering more in my article Learn To Hypnotize With Embedded Commands.

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