Hypnosis – The Role of Reframing in Hypnosis

There are many different hypnosis techniques that you need to learn and master. Reframing is one of the fundamental ones. This is because it has a number of applications that you can use effectively.

What is reframing all about? As the name suggests, this technique involves changing the perception of a past experience by putting it in a different frame.

Let me give you an example so that you can understand the idea behind this technique for hypnosis.

When you were a child, there must have been a moment in which you felt embarrassed about something silly. Put in the long time frame, the situation now seems funny. This is a reframe.

What are the applications of reframing in hypnosis?

This technique is widely used in self hypnosis. It helps you change your mood and emotions from positive to negative. It is your task to imagine the experience and put into another frame. Basically, you have to see it from another point of view and re-experience it in your mind.

You can use it effectively to influence others to do what you want. This technique is particularly useful when you want the person to do something that is not particularly present and has a few benefits. In general, you have to use your imagination to present the action in a different context.

For instance, when you want your brother to take the dog for a walk instead of you on a rainy morning, you will have to present the action as beneficial. You can readily say that this will allow your brother to work out and to be fitter.

Reframing is particularly effective for overcoming objections in case your hypnotic persuasion is not fully accepted. You can readily reframe the objection and make the person see this supposed drawback from a different point of view.

Now you know all about the role of reframing in hypnosis. Keep learning more with my article Hypnosis- The Oldest Form of Influence.

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