Black Ops Hypnosis – Using Rhetorical Questions in Hypnosis

black ops hypnosis 150x150 Black Ops Hypnosis   Using Rhetorical Questions in Hypnosis

After all, it is natural to ask questions during a conversation. You can readily use rhetorical ones to get great results.

I should point out that the use of questions will not get the person out of trance, despite the common misconception. This is particularly true when you are using rhetorical questions.

Their main purpose is to make black ops hypnosis more powerful. You have to use a question and then give the obvious answer straight away. The idea is that the question will get the person to open up his subconscious mind to your suggestion even more.

Let me show you an example of how rhetorical questions work. You can say, “By doing A, you will get benefit B.” However, your influence will be more powerful if you ask, “What benefits will this bring you?” Then you can give an answer.

The idea is that the person will automatically start thinking about the benefits, since you are asking a question. Then you will have the perfect opportunity to give an answer that the person will accept.

You can look at this technique as a pattern interrupt. You get the person into deeper trance by using the question and then you use the answer to complete the pattern.

There are just two rules to keep when using this black ops hypnosis technique. The question must be rhetorical. Basically, the person has to have an idea about the answer.

More importantly, you should use an open ended question. A closed question does not have the same effect on the subconscious mind. Furthermore, it may lead to a negative answer and break the trance.

Now you know how to use another technique in black ops hypnosis. Keep learning more with my article Black Ops Hypnosis-Discover The Sneakiest Way To Get What You Want From People.

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