Learn to Hypnotize – The Use of Binds in Hypnosis

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Since you want to learn to hypnotize, you should realize first that cover hypnosis is a complex science.

You have to be prepared to study hard in order to reap the desires results and benefits later on. You can readily expand your knowledge by learning more about binds and their role.

Binds are actually very simple. When you are using binds, you are seemingly giving the person a choice while the two (or more) alternatives that you offer will actually lead him to one and the same thing, doing what you want.

In most cases, binds are used for making embedded commands. You can come up with your own patterns, depending on the occasion. The main rule to keep is to give at least two alternatives that will lead the person to doing what you want.

You can readily say to the person, “How will you do X, using method A or method B?” Notice how you are presupposing that the person will do X without letting him ponder too much on this.

You are immediately giving him a choice that will engage his mind in answering this question. Basically, you are automatically making the person agree to do what you want in his own mind. You will see how powerful this technique is, as you learn to hypnotize.

You can use all sorts of binds. Salespersons usually offer two products of the same type but with slightly different insignificant features, such as color, for instance.

You can use time binds as well, when you learn to hypnotize. These are a bit more complex because you are usually giving a choice between now and later. You should be careful not to give the person room for changing his mind.

You have just learned something new that will be useful to you as you learn to hypnotize. Keep learning more with my article Learn to Hypnotize – The 4 Main Steps.

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